OÜ Jpcars is a company founded in 2000, the main field of activity of which is the import and export of used vehicles from Japan.

About the company


The trade mark of JPCars is recognised in Estonia as one of the biggest importers of used cars from Japan.
We have been engaged in the import and export of vehicles since 2006 and possess extensive knowledge in this field of activity.
In addition, we offer the conversion of vehicles and various preparation services for racing and rally cars.

The types of cars offered by us fall into two groups.
We deliver used sports and luxury vehicles from German and English manufacturers and sports and hobby vehicles from Japanese manufacturers. We market most of the cars in Finland and Estonia. We have customers from all over Europe. Our many years of experience and established cooperation partners in Japan allow us to offer reliable vehicles, often at more affordable prices than our competitors.

OÜ Jpcars


To offer our customers cool cars at affordable prices.

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